Monday, 28 November 2011

Ping K15 Hybrid VS G15 Hybrid

Ping K15 Hybrid:
Designed as a compliment to the Ping K15 irons, the Ping K15 hybrid evolved from the G15. The iron-style head with offset provides a more dynamic launch than previous ones and makes the ball in the air more easily. This hybrid owns an improved forgiveness due to its weight in center was taken away and placed in the heel and sole. In addition, this hybrid relies on a patent-pending design that creates lower-spinning, higher-launching shots. Its clear performance upgrades from a long iron which promotes a high draw. With its pending technology, the exactly COG positions are relative to the hosel axis and club face, which makes it easier for golfers to get the ball into the air while reducing the spin for even more distance, too. It builds consistency in your game!

Ping G15 Hybrid:
The Ping G15 hybrid features a large internal weight pad positioned low in the toe ensuring that this is the most forgiving and longest hybrid ever. The design also helps to contribute accuracy for golfers. Aside from this point, the center of gravity is closer to the clubface and father back from the hosel for a high penetrating trajectory. A great many testers comment that for those higher handicappers who slice would like the G15 due to its offset giving the face more time to close. Meanwhile, testers feel that a heavy head provides them with a smooth tempo and a stable sensation.

From some opinions of testers who have experienced with both G15 and K15, they thought G and K are similar. The K15 is a touch larger at the toe and a slightly longer face. One of them felt that the K sat flatter and it fit his eye at address much better than the upright lie angle on the G. Shots into the hole were both good but the K15 3 hybrid surprised him with its toe hit forgiveness, accuracy and distance.

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