Sunday, 18 December 2011

Ping K15 Driver Review

Ping K15 Driver is designed for golfers who are seeking high forgiveness, long distance and high accuracy. Combining a large-profile 460cc head and a club face that is longer heel to toe, K15 Driver provides low and back center of gravity which helps to create strong trajectories and low backspin, leading to high MOI. The MOI is sizeable for consistent performance across the hitting surface. The most important technology incorporated in Ping K15 Driver is Straight Flight Technology, called SF Tec by Ping. Ping K15 Driver use SF Tec to move 10% of the head’s mass to the heel, promoting more face rotation and a straighter ball flight. This technology is an innovation of Ping and helps K15 Driver a lot to square the club face for consistently straight tee shots. For the part of shaft, Ping K15 Driver adopted TFC 149D shaft. Ping K15 Driver utilizes a special carbon shaft and high balance point technology. The gravity of the shaft is 2” higher than standard design, increasing the start speed and MOI for longer distance and more accurate.

  Our testers say: Ping K15 Driver is one of the best drivers for feel, playability and distance. The head is designed for higher accurate and forgiving. Some testers gain up to 10 to 15 yards with Ping K15 Driver. It realizes the least distance loss on less than perfectly struck shots. Ping K15 Driver focuses on straightness, and it did that. The K15 allows good stability across the entire face. With Ping K15 Driver, players rarely lose shots to the right. Ping K15 Driver becomes the best antidote for the slicers. For the part of its look, many testers hold the opinions that the massive and elongated crown of Ping K15 Driver inspires confidence, and the small visual aid on crown draws some praise.

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